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Possible to handle "Automatic On-Head Detection" for AirPods Max?

I have a pair of AirPods Max and while lovely it’s a bit annoying that every time I take the headphones on or off the microphone always switches to the AirPod’s instead of keeping my own decided source.

I made a script to set my preferred input source using ToothFairy and it works well (thanks for the list of example scripts!), but when the on-head detection kicks in the headphones don’t disconnect and just select another input source.

Would it be possible to detect these events and handle using ToothFairy? For now I have disabled the on-head detection and toggle manually, which works, but that extra big of magic is quite nice :sweat_smile:

Do you mean “off and on,” i.e. macOS changes the sound input back to the AirPods while they were Bluetooth-connected the entire time? If so, that’s something I’m working on addressing. Manually toggling so that they actually disconnect when you aren’t using them is the workaround I’d recommend for now.

Ah, trying to communicate in text after a full workday… hehe. Yes, exactly that!

Wohoo! :partying_face: