Protonmail & SpamSieve

I think the way to figure this out is to look at a particular message and explain what happened with it vs. what you wanted to happen. And then hopefully the solution will generalize to other messages, too.

OK, so I have a spam message in my chosen account. SS is off, this got through, and is showing up in Junk and All Mail. Another spam message showed up in Junk and was marked Read. I’m guessing that was Proton that did that.


This part sounds OK to me. Protonmail caught this particular spam message, and it appears in Junk (since their filter moved it there) and in All Mail (since it shows a copy of everything).

OK, but I had my SS setup to mark it as read and sent to the Spam folder. With this current setup, all junk is still unread. My smart folders rely on the status of being unread. That’s why I want control over these.


One option would be to modify your smart folders to exclude the Junk mailbox.

Or you can use the rescue setup to have SpamSieve go through the Junk mailbox and mark the ones it thinks are spam as read and move the others to the Inbox.

To enable that option, you would change the line that says:

property pMarkSpamMessagesRead : false


property pMarkSpamMessagesRead : true

I can rethink my smart folders, but that’s what has exposed this odd behaviour. I’ll get into it tomorrow.


OK here is an update:

Inbox: 3 spam messages
Junk: 3 messages, all spam
All Mail: Those 6 messages

Of the two systems, I would like to have SS do the spam filtering, not Proton. SS has a direct corpus I can manage, and I’ve written scripts to add domains to the Whitelist.

What I can do, that I have found, is send all of these to the inbox of the email account, so that they all are treated as generic. Would you suggest that?

It sounds like you did not find a way to turn off the Protonmail filtering, but you can undo it by setting up SpamSieve to rescue the good messages from the Junk mailbox, as described here.

It’s not clear to me what you mean by “these.” I do not recommend touching the (copies of) messages in All Mail.

No, there WAS no filtering.

Screenshot 2023-01-25 at 9.37.07 AM.png

The filtering that Proton uses, which I’m assuming is their spam system, is different than the one I get to use. But what I CAN do, is set up a filter (or filters) to run everything to the Inbox, which I’m assuming will show up domestically as all Inbox.


Yes, if you can make your own filter in Protonmail that overrides their server junk filter that would be the simplest solution.

I will contact them to see if this is the case, if that filter is pre-spam.


I just got this reply:

If you would like for messages to ignore the Spam filtering, you can disable the Spam filte.

The only way to disable your Spam filter is by using Sieve filters:

You can add the following SIEVE filter in order to ignore the spam filter completely.

In order to access this feature please follow these steps:

-Login to Proton Mail with your browser

-Go to Settings

-Navigate to Filters

-Click the “Add sieve filter” button

-Replace the existing code in the Sieve Script text box with the following:

require “fileinto”;

fileinto “Inbox”;

This is what I should turn off their spam then?



Their instructions didn’t work (error) so I’m contacting them.


OK, seems I got everything in working order. Best bet is to provide a Sieve Filter that puts everything into the Inbox, then have SS deal with it at the client.

Glad you got it working. What did you end up doing that was different from the instructions quoted above?

Well, through all this I realized Proton was doing some spam work and just wanted to get them to stop and hand over the work to my client here. I have SS working on my domains and Gmail as well. The corpus and training is best used as opposed to a young system Proton might provide, and they still have unread messages distracting me.

All seems good at the moment.


Yes, I was asking how you did that because you said they sent you instructions that didn’t work.

Yeah I think there was a bit of a lag on the way their Sieve Filters work. In any case, it seems to be working now. I’m keeping an eye on it while juggling all kinds of other stuff. Everything seems quiet and organized now.

In your Settings for Protonmail, create a Sieve Filter. Comment everything out using # and below, enter this:

require "fileinto";

fileinto "Inbox";

All of your mail will go to the Inbox and SpamSieve will do the rest as trained.

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