Protonmail & SpamSieve

No, there WAS no filtering.

Screenshot 2023-01-25 at 9.37.07 AM.png

The filtering that Proton uses, which I’m assuming is their spam system, is different than the one I get to use. But what I CAN do, is set up a filter (or filters) to run everything to the Inbox, which I’m assuming will show up domestically as all Inbox.


Yes, if you can make your own filter in Protonmail that overrides their server junk filter that would be the simplest solution.

I will contact them to see if this is the case, if that filter is pre-spam.


I just got this reply:

If you would like for messages to ignore the Spam filtering, you can disable the Spam filte.

The only way to disable your Spam filter is by using Sieve filters:

You can add the following SIEVE filter in order to ignore the spam filter completely.

In order to access this feature please follow these steps:

-Login to Proton Mail with your browser

-Go to Settings

-Navigate to Filters

-Click the “Add sieve filter” button

-Replace the existing code in the Sieve Script text box with the following:

require “fileinto”;

fileinto “Inbox”;

This is what I should turn off their spam then?



Their instructions didn’t work (error) so I’m contacting them.


OK, seems I got everything in working order. Best bet is to provide a Sieve Filter that puts everything into the Inbox, then have SS deal with it at the client.

Glad you got it working. What did you end up doing that was different from the instructions quoted above?