Protonmail & SpamSieve

If the inbox is empty because Protonmail has already moved all the messages out, then SpamSieve wouldn’t be seeing any of those messages and so turning off SpamSieve wouldn’t change anything.

I’m having trouble understanding what you are trying to change. If you need further assistance, please describe a specific example of what happened with a message and what you wanted to happen with it instead.

OK, this is why all this is confusing. I’m needing all my mail to come here, and let me deal with spam, etc. Can I tell Protonmail to stop moving things around? It’s creating havoc here. Second, I was told nothing was moved and that All Mail was nothing but a smart folder, which it is not, by observation.

SpamSieve cannot deal with moved messages. They only deal with incoming to Inbox.


Are you finding that it moved any non-spam message? If so, where did they end up?

You can configure Protonmail’s spam filter here or set up SpamSieve to rescue good messages that Protonmail caught.

Are you finding messages in All Mail that do not appear in any other folder? If not, why do you say that it is not a smart folder?

I apologize if I get these emails confused. I’m juggling three threads of troubleshooting, two being yourself and Protonmail.

This is what I’m seeing now for one of my Proton accounts:

Screenshot 2023-01-19 at 1.56.59 PM.png

All Mail shows more than Junk. First off, I want SS to handle Junk. I’ll have a look at that page later. If I can turn off Proton spam, it will come through into Inbox where SS can handle it. Correct?

I’m assuming All Mail has to be smart because I’m not moving anything anywhere. I’m seeing this on two accounts currently. How All Mail can have more than only Junk showing unread (all of these are unread counts btw, just to be clear), so that alone is confusing.


Do you have an example? Perhaps it shows sent messages, too?

Yes, or you could use the rescue setup so that SpamSieve can handle it in Junk.

OK, so I’ll mark all the Junk as read, and what’s left in All Mail…so that reveals unread emails that are good. Why they don’t show up in Inbox, I have no clue.


Have you tried searching for them to see if they show up in a different mailbox?

I cleared them out of that account, but another account is doing the same. All Mail has 16 unread, Junk has 10. Upon choosing All Mail, there are no unreads in there. But the app is moving messages for some reason.

Screenshot 2023-01-19 at 6.25.12 PM.png

Update: Rebuild of that very account’s Inbox, had 22 messages come up.

Screenshot 2023-01-19 at 6.27.43 PM

I don’t see that you answered my question about searching.

If Mail says it’s moving messages, that’s likely because of a manual user action or a rule that you had created. Maybe uncheck all your rules until you understand what is going on.

I think you should focus on the number of messages not the number of unreads, since it’s not clear whether Protonmail syncs the read status among the different copies for the smart folder.

All of this is hugely difficult to follow, given the number of accounts that are coming in.

I’ve turned off all rules. Nothing is moving on the part of rules.


Could you just focus on one account to start?

Sure, but these issues do pop up in other accounts, so I don’t want this discussion to miss those.


I think the way to figure this out is to look at a particular message and explain what happened with it vs. what you wanted to happen. And then hopefully the solution will generalize to other messages, too.

OK, so I have a spam message in my chosen account. SS is off, this got through, and is showing up in Junk and All Mail. Another spam message showed up in Junk and was marked Read. I’m guessing that was Proton that did that.


This part sounds OK to me. Protonmail caught this particular spam message, and it appears in Junk (since their filter moved it there) and in All Mail (since it shows a copy of everything).

OK, but I had my SS setup to mark it as read and sent to the Spam folder. With this current setup, all junk is still unread. My smart folders rely on the status of being unread. That’s why I want control over these.


One option would be to modify your smart folders to exclude the Junk mailbox.

Or you can use the rescue setup to have SpamSieve go through the Junk mailbox and mark the ones it thinks are spam as read and move the others to the Inbox.

To enable that option, you would change the line that says:

property pMarkSpamMessagesRead : false


property pMarkSpamMessagesRead : true

I can rethink my smart folders, but that’s what has exposed this odd behaviour. I’ll get into it tomorrow.


OK here is an update:

Inbox: 3 spam messages
Junk: 3 messages, all spam
All Mail: Those 6 messages

Of the two systems, I would like to have SS do the spam filtering, not Proton. SS has a direct corpus I can manage, and I’ve written scripts to add domains to the Whitelist.

What I can do, that I have found, is send all of these to the inbox of the email account, so that they all are treated as generic. Would you suggest that?

It sounds like you did not find a way to turn off the Protonmail filtering, but you can undo it by setting up SpamSieve to rescue the good messages from the Junk mailbox, as described here.

It’s not clear to me what you mean by “these.” I do not recommend touching the (copies of) messages in All Mail.