Random delays and Yahoo mail issues

Note that Yahoo is the mail I use to access SpamSieve.
I’m just getting started with SpamSieve but have high hopes. Background:

  • I use Outlook for Mac (just switched to Legacy from “New” as instructed) including contacts
  • 3 accounts 1 x Exchange (Microsoft365 business) / 1x Yahoo (my primary personal) / 1 x GMail (I use an Android phone as much of my business software wont’ run on IOS)
  • Sonoma 14.0 MAcBook Pro M1
  1. Often when I get a spinning “busy” wheel on Outlook. This can happen on Mac Wakeup, when clicking on Outlook window when coming back from another app, when changing folders in outlook (maybe across accounts). It does not happen every time, but often enough (several time an hour) and can go on for over a minute. I need a solution (does SpamSieve need to wakeup every time I bring Outlook to the focus?) .

  2. Yahoo is very inconsistent. I often get “imap rev4 server logging you out.” I then usually have to change the device password (maybe more than once to get it working again. the whole time the “inbox Determining Changes” is running.If I dont’ supply a password I get the spinning wheel again.

Can anyone help with this?


Usually this means that you have a lot of messages in your inbox, which can slow down Outlook, and you need to switch to the large inboxes setup.

Bringing Outlook to the front does not trigger SpamSieve to do anything with Outlook.

This sounds like a server issue, probably unrelated to SpamSieve (which doesn’t talk to the server or network)—unless it’s caused by Outlook being slow to respond because of not using the large inboxes setup. So I recommend fixing that first, as that may solve both problems.

Thank you, Michael. I hope this doesn’t introduce long delays to my email. But I’ll try it.

If possible I would prefer to keep the Gmail account as a google account. I will make the change if necessary but there are plans to equilibrate google/apple/365. If you are ok with this, how do I add the InboxSpamSieve folder? It is grayed out on the account. If you are not ok with it, I will change it to a standard imap. I want to give your 30 days the best shot because I am really unhappy with what I have now.

Alos, the Yahoo mailbox is the big one. The 365 is managed on the server and the Gmail is not used for much. Can I just convert the Yahoo account?



Hi, Michael. I may have sent you something earlier but this deals with current state so maybe we can get this cleaned up and I can move forward. It’s promising:

  1. I am trying to use a Google account (not IMAP). I made the changes on Gmail as required and found 2 effects:
  2. I establish no rule for this account in Outlook as the transfer is handled in gmail before the mail is picked up. Is this correct?
  3. 4 items (all good) are in the archive folder and have been for some time. They did not move to inbox or *junk.*1. Yahoo seems to reload itself (all 10,000 emails) regularly. I will find the inbox empty (“all done for the day”) then it will reload in its entirety. I will find emails that have been deleted or marked a spam and do it again. So the deleted items may contain duplicates or triplicates.
  4. Changes don’t seem to sync to other devices. My android phone still has items that have been deleted or junked.

Once again, we have made significant progress. The spinning wheel issue does not pop up now (since the large inbox change – which is entirely related to Yahoo). I did get the app memory error on the MAC once but that did not seem to recur since I rebooted. We’ll have to see.

What can i do to help make this smooth?



You can certainly try it as a Google account and see how you like that. I don’t know whether Microsoft plans to bring the full Outlook functionality to Google accounts.

Did you try the “Setting Up SpamSieve With a Gmail Google Account” instructions here? Which part is grayed out? Can you attach a screenshot?

All the Outlook accounts need to use the same SpamSieve setup (Inbox vs. InboxSpamSieve).

Yes, you would create the filter/rule in Gmail rather than in Outlook.

They’re not supposed to. The archive is supposed to show copies of messages in the inbox (and other mailboxes).

This is probably not related to SpamSieve. Do you see those old messages mentioned in SpamSieve’s log?

I’m not sure which changes you are referring to, but SpamSieve does not change how the syncing works (or doesn’t). In general I would suggest checking that the server has the messages in the places that you expect. That’s how you would know whether Outlook is working properly.

Thanks. IK think I’ll recreate the Yahoo account. I’m not sure what to do about the Google account putting everything in Archive. I have one or 2 items in inbox. Everything else is in Archive. I really need a systematic approach to this. I’l try recreating the Yahoo first and stay away form Google for now.

Thanks for the response. I’ll get back to you. I didn’t even know you had responded becausyue my Yahoo mail was so weird.

I’m not sure what you mean. That sounds like how Gmail’s Archive feature is designed to work. Everything that’s not spam or deleted goes to Archive.

Maybe I don’t understand. Nothing is going to the inbox. Only to Archive since I put this in place yesterday. Is that where I look for my mail? In Archive? If so, I can probably live with it but it won’t show in the combined inbox and it isn’t clear in the instructions that that’s what will happen.

Does “this” mean the Gmail filter to move new messages to InboxSpamSieve?

No, Archive contains duplicate copies of everything, but you should still be seeing new messages in Inbox.

I suggest that, for now, you select Disable spam filtering in Outlook in SpamSieve’s settings and make sure your basic Gmail setup is working first. With the Gmail filter created but SpamSieve disabled, your new messages should all be going to InboxSpamSieve.

I’ll try that

A test email did, in fact, go to InboxSpamSieve. If I turn this back on, should it transfer to inbox?

The test was moved to Archive but not Inbox. That seems to be the issue. How do I track that down?

I tracked it down. It was moved to the inbox of my Exchangfe account, not the Google account. Now we have a handle. What do I do about this?


This is probably a result of configuring the Gmail account in Outlook as Google instead of IMAP. Outlook is not able to tell SpamSieve which account messages belong to if they’re in a Google account. If you have only one account, or if Outlook happens to guess properly when SpamSieve asks it to move the messages to the Inbox, the messages will end up in the proper place. Otherwise, they may end up in the inbox of another account.

That’s just weird. Can I develop a rule to put it in the right place or is that to late for an event? Otherwise I’ll convert to IMAP if I can get Yahoo working.

This happens after the rules are applied.

Preliminary results. I sent a test email to from Yahoo to each of the 3 accounts (1 email - 3 recipients). It showed up in all 3 but of course the google account ended up in the exchange account. I also got an unable to deliver message for Yahoo in spite of the fact that it delivered.

Outlook then crashed. On restart it is completely reloading the Yahoo account and everything is going through InboxSpamSieve. It is slow and seems unnecessary. I do not know why Yahoo is insisting on a complete sync like this at every startup, but it is annoying. Is it a characteristic of Legacy Outlook? If so, I am hesitant to convert Google to IMAP.

Getting create failed on every folder again. Just saw that InboxSpamSieve has disappeared from Yahoo in Outlook. I’ll put it back and we’ll see what happens.

This means it is repeating the entire download of 10000 emails. I wonder if there’s a way to limit that.