Record list presentation after clicking x-eaglefiler link

x-eaglefiler link

When you click on an x-eaglefiler link to a folder, the folder is highlighted in the source list, with its contents in the record list.

When you click on an x-eaglefiler link to a file, the file is highlighted in the record list and displayed in the record viewer, but Records is highlighted in the source list.

Is there an option or esoteric preference which would highlight the record, but highlight its parent folder in the source list? To me, it’s more useful to see a record in the context of its siblings than in the context of all records in the library.

You’d otherwise need to use the context menu to View Enclosing Record, then double-click on that record to see the file and its siblings in the Record List.

No, but perhaps an option can be added in a future version.

You can do it in one step using the View ‣ Reveal in Container command (keyboard shortcut: Command–Down Arrow).

I didn’t see that… thank you. That context menu choice is available when Records is selected in the source list, but not when a folder is selected – which makes sense, because it then already is revealed in its container.

Have you ever considered a “browser history” function, as with a web browser?

Yes, that’s a feature I’d like to add.