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SaneBox and SpamSieve

Hello! I am a new SpamSieve user who has also been using SaneBox. I’d like to figure out the best way to configure things so that the two can work well together.

SaneBox (www.sanebox.com) is a web service that automatically moves “junk mail” out of my IN box and into specially created “@Sane” mail boxes on my IMAP server. SaneBox logs into my IMAP account and automatically routes these “2nd class” emails out of my IN box and into another mailbox called “@SaneLater”, which is just another mailbox in my IMAP account (similar to any other that I might create for mail storage). Most of this “junk” is actually commercial emails (Amazon, Staples, eBay, etc.) and newsletters that I want to receive, but don’t want clouding up my IN box.

I have downloaded SpamSieve because I want it to comb through ALL my emails (IN box and the @SaneLater mailbox) and filter out the UNWANTED spam. Unfortunately, it seems that Sanebox moves the mail so quickly from IN box to @SaneLater box that SpamSieve never processes it. What I have had to do so far is to highlight all the email in the @SaneLater box, and then use Mac Mail’s Message > Apply Rules command. This applies the SpamSieve rule that I setup to all the mail in that folder.

Can somebody help me figure out a way (perhaps with a rule?) to ensure that SpamSieve checks the @SaneLater mailbox for spam as well as my IN box?



Tried it, but couldn’t get it to work

I’ll be very interested if you get a response of how to do this.

I used SpamSieve successfully for over a year. Then, I was having a problem that I suspected might be caused by SpamSieve, so I uninstalled and tried SaneBox.

Sanebox was nifty, but not a true spam filter, so I was spending lots of time deleting spam. I finally gave up on SaneBox and reinstalled SpamSieve.

If they can work together, that might be ideal.

The issue here is that Mail only applies rules (including SpamSieve) to new messages in the inbox. If SaneBox moves a message to another mailbox, Mail won’t see it as new.

One possible workaround would be to periodically run an AppleScript that applies SpamSieve to unread messages in other mailboxes. For example, you could have a rule that, when a new message arrives in the inbox, runs the script to scan the other mailboxes, too. If you think this would help in your situation I could look into writing such a script.

Michael, that’d be awesome if you could look into writing such a script. I have exactly the same dilemma. I’ve been happily using SpamSieve for many years, but recently have found SaneBox to be a valuable addition to my email workflow. I’d love to be able to get SpamSieve working with my @SaneLater folder.

That would be great!

Thanks Michael. I’d love that. I use a number of Sanebox folders, so a solution in which folders could be selected (rather than just @SaneLater) would be even better!

In the interim, can I solve this by highlighting the unread messages and then applying all rules to the selected messages in the @SaneLater folder?

Would you want to choose the folders? Or just have it automatically check all the ones whose names begin with “@Sane”?


Another SaneBox user
Any news on a script or update to SpamSieve that would handle alternate folders?

I’m planning to work on a script for this next week.

I’ve posted a first draft of an AppleScript for using SpamSieve with SaneBox. Please try it out and let me know whether it works for you.


Thanks Michael— seems to work perfectly. Much appreciated!

Yee-haw! It works perfectly, Michael. Thank you! This is really awesome for bringing SpamSieve back into my workflow.

I just found out about SaneBox last week and it seems to work amazing well. With this script solving the SpamSieve issue, it sounds like the ideal combination. Thank you so much, Michael. Your customer support is always truly admirable.

Will this work with Postbox? I’m having the same issue, but use Postbox for my mail. Thanks!

No, I don’t think Postbox is AppleScriptable enough to do this.

Are there any other ways to do this with Postbox? Wouldn’t a plugin be possible?

Feeling dense: SaneBox Script
Hi Michael,
One doesn’t realize how valuable your program until a hiccup like SaneBox overrides SpamSieve and dozens of SPAM shows up.

I haven’t done an applescript before and feel a bit dense.

If for instance my account name is “Tom” and I also have emails accounts for “administration” and “support”, how do I enter these into the script you wrote for SaneBox?

My emails go into @SaneLater. The ones going into @SaneNews do not have SPAM.

Much appreciated!

Try this:

on accountAndMailboxNames()
    return {{"Tom", {"@SaneLater"}}, {"administration", {"@SaneLater"}}, {"support", {"@SaneLater"}}}
end accountAndMailboxNames

Hi Michael,
Thanks for your help!

First, I echo all the other posters who have thanked you for your exemplary customer service. SpamSieve is one of the first things I install on any new computer.

And PostBox is the second. :wink:

Seriously, though, I’m an avid PostBox user and am hating the idea of decommissioning either it or SS. I’m wondering how certain you are that PostBox is not scriptable enough to do the same thing with Postbox. In no way am I trying to impugn your expertise (!!)… I’m asking because even though I’m a (very) novice AppleScript scripter, I’m thinking of trying to modify your Apple Mail script to work with PostBox <i>unless</i> you’re pretty certain it’s hopeless. (I’m novice enough to not know whether my coding is wonky or if it simply won’t work and I’m wasting my time.)

I’m quite certain. If you look at Postbox’s AppleScript dictionary, it has no notion of mail accounts, mailboxes, or the content of e-mail messages.