Spam not going to spam folder...Sorry

So I’ve seen this topic around, but nothing current. Using Apple Mail. Using SpamSieve on two accounts (both hosted by gmail) one of which is behaving just fine and the other of which is not. In the good account, when I am training SpamSieve, if I click on “train as spam” it marks it and moves it to the spam folder. In the other, it just marks it but does not move it.

Good account is a proprietary domain hosted by Google, bad account is just a account.

Thanks. And sorry to have to replow old ground.

The most common reason for this is if the Junk mailbox is not selected for that account in Mail:

Also, SpamSieve will not move a message when training if it’s already in a Junk/Spam/Trash mailbox.

Thank you. Is there a difference in mailbox treatment between Spam and Junk?

It doesn’t matter to SpamSieve, but one of those (probably Spam) is the special mailbox use by Gmail’s spam filter, and that’s probably what you want to use.

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