Spam with leading icons

Good day:
For the past several weeks I have been receiving spam from “companies”, obviously false but none the less they are adding different icons before and after the name. This is also going on with many different ladies advertising their wares… Spam Sieve does not seem to want to filter these out. Is it because of the leading icons or do I possibly have another issue happening?

Was trying to post an example but am unable to!

Still a great product Michael. Gets TONS of other spam!

It’s probably another issue. Please use the Save Diagnostic Report command in the Help menu and send me the report file, as described here, and I’ll take a look.

It’s on the way Michael.

Thank you again and congratulations on all your accomplishments over the past twenty years!

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Thanks for sending the report. Are you seeing copies of the iCloud/InboxSpamSieve messages in other mailboxes on your phone? If you log into iCloud webmail, does that mailbox match the Mac or iPhone or neither?

My mail is not in Icloud. I do see the same thing in my online Gmail account. There is on in there that is not even coming in to Airmail so I never saw that one.

I do see the same spam on the iPhone though I don’t see the one that showed up on gmail either.

Aha, I got confused because you had replied to this post, which is about an iCloud mail syncing issue. I’ve moved the posts back to the proper topic.

Looking at the report that you sent in the context of messages with emoji subjects getting through…the last message that I see trained as spam was over a month ago on October 16. So SpamSieve does not think that it has been making any mistakes.

It looks like you are using Airmail. Which method have you been using to train the messages? There are several different ways described here.