SpamSeive 3.0.1 not working at all on Apple Mail Ventura 13.5 Apple M2

I previously was using the Plugin and noticed that it has stopped working, so restarted with the Extension enabled instead. Followed all of the installation steps, disabled the plugin, and followed all of the plugin steps that I could, but it’s as if the SpamSieve extension is not even installed (even though it is, and the extensions is checked as enabled in Mail, and all permissions are set to allow SpamSieve access).

When launching SpamSieve, the Apple Mail tab shows the message, “Check the setup to make sure inbox messages can be filtered.” I did check every possible item in the referenced link…


I cannot look at the Log, as no menu option exists. It’s not clear from the documentation whether the log is supposed to be in the Window menu in Mail itself (it isn’t) or if the SpamSieve app is supposed to have a Window menu with a Log option. The SpamSieve app itself has NO menu bar at all when focused. Also, Apple Mail shows no menu options (or contextual menu options) for SpamSieve (e.g. not Train as Spam, Train as Good, etc.).

You checked that you are getting green flags on the good messages in the inbox and that you don’t have a large inbox? At this point, the best solution is probably to update to the beta, though.

SpamSieve has a Window menu.

Apps do not have menu bars when you set the Dock icon to be hidden.

If you disable the plug-in, the training commands will be in the SpamSieve menu bar icon.

Okay, yes, it seems that my issue is everything is controlled through the SpamSieve menu bar icon now — which I had disabled. I can access the log from there, and have the manual train options available again. I just didn’t realize all of that moved into the app only. Thanks!