SpamSieve 3.0.2b4 Public Beta

Here’s a new beta version of SpamSieve. The changes are:

  • Fast filtering in Apple Mail now works with Gmail accounts.
  • Optimized SQLite.swift so that fast filtering is now about 3x faster.
  • Fixed some bugs where fast filtering could repeatedly process the same message, which would bog down Apple Mail.
  • Updated the Select Mailboxes to Filter… interface and documentation for fast filtering.
  • Clicking Filter Now will now filter the Apple Mail inboxes, too.
  • You can now reverse the sort order in the Log window so that the most recent log entries are at the top. (For memory and performance reasons, the date is the only sortable column in the log.)
  • When opening the Log window, if no log entries are selected, it now auto-scrolls to show the most recent log entries.
  • Improved the auto-creation of From (name) blocklist and allowlist rules.
  • Fixed a bug where SpamSieve would auto-launch when Outlook launched if Apple Mail filtering was enabled but Outlook filtering was disabled (and vice-versa).
  • Improved the log entries when SpamSieve lacks privacy access for the Use macOS Contacts feature.
  • Training an Outlook message as spam now removes the Good category.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when updating the Dock icon during a software update.
  • SpamSieve is better at reporting whether a server filter thought that a message was spam.
  • Improved the reporting of duplicate Apple Mail accounts when training.
  • SpamSieve will now log if Apple Mail is stuck reading a certain message.
  • Improved the error logging when listing Apple Mail mailboxes.
  • There is a new AppleMailMailboxListerExtraMailboxes esoteric preferences, which makes it possible to select mailboxes for filtering that Apple Mail failed to include in its mailbox listing.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when processing an e-mail message with an improperly encoded ZIP file attachment.
  • Made further optimizations for Filter spam messages in other mailboxes and Check inboxes for new messages not sent to Mail extension.

If you have not installed a beta version of SpamSieve before, first click here to enter the beta key. Thereafter, you can just launch SpamSieve or choose Software Update from the SpamSieve menu to auto-install the beta. SpamSieve will also notify you about future betas automatically. You can click here to stop receiving in-app notifications of beta versions.

SpamSieve 3.0.2b5 is now available.