SpamSieve 3.0.2 is very slow in Apple Mail

I have just upgraded to SpamSieve 3.0.2, and it takes at least 5 to 10 seconds to move to a mail using Apple Mail 16.0, on macOS Sonoma 14.1.1.

Turning off SpamSieve, and behaviour returns to normal.

Any idea what is causing this.

Do you mean moving a message as in you are dragging and dropping it from one mailbox to another? Or are you referring to SpamSieve moving a spam message?

Also, please see the If Apple Mail Is Running Slowly page.

No, I mean clicking on it in the inbox to read it - 5 to 10 seconds each time

Thank you for clarifying. If you are using the Check inboxes for new messages not sent to Mail extension, Filter spam messages in other mailboxes, or Add green flag to unread good messages feature, make sure that you have granted SpamSieve Full Disk Access.

If that doesn’t help, please see the Sending in a “Sample” Report section to record what Mail and SpamSieve are doing during this slowness.

Thanks for the report. It looks like the slowness may be caused by an AppleScript external to SpamSieve, either attached to a Mail rule or a separate script applet.

I’m not sure what that means?
There are no AppleScripts run as part of the mail rules, I’ve checked.
When I turn SpamSieve off, everything is as norma;l performance wise.
When I turn it on, 5-10 seconds to access a mail or do anything within Apple Mail.

It’s not clear what’s going on here, but the sample that you sent does not look like what I normally see when SpamSieve is filtering. Do you have any other apps running, e.g. for remote training?

How are you turning it off?

Maybe there’s a particular mailbox that it’s having trouble reading in a fast way. Please click this link to enable some extra diagnostics. After relaunching SpamSieve, if the problem still occurs, please use the Save Diagnostic Report command in the Help menu and send me the report file, as described here.