SpamSieve 3.0.4b1 Public Beta

Here’s a new beta version of SpamSieve. The changes are:

  • You can now use the Message submenu commands within the SpamSieve menu bar icon to train SpamSieve from Apple Mail or Outlook, for users who didn’t see the top-level commands inside the menu bar icon.
  • You can now press Command-C in the Statistics window as a shortcut for clicking the Copy Statistics button.
  • Improved the way the Text to Match column in rules windows truncates text that doesn’t fit.
  • Toolbar buttons no longer shift position when the Flag label changes to Unflag.
  • Updated the German localization and Settings window layout.
  • Made some changes to improve performance on Macs with spinning hard drives.
  • SpamSieve now reports an error if the Edit Addresses button can’t access your card in Contacts.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a crash when quitting SpamSieve while a window was in the process of reloading.
Apple Mail
  • Fixed a bug where filtering could be delayed for a long time after the Mac woke from sleep, if it had gone to sleep while SpamSieve was waiting for a response from Mail.
  • Tried to work around a macOS bug that could cause a hang while waiting for Mail to respond to a command.
  • SpamSieve is better at handling AppleScript errors when training from Mail.
  • Worked around a Mail bug that could cause a spam message on an Exchange server to lose its body when moving it to the Junk mailbox.
  • When using the Mail plug-in, SpamSieve no longer wastes time checking for messages in the inbox that need to be unflagged.
  • Expanded the Move it to the Trash if the spam score is at least documentation.
  • Added AppleMailMarkGoodRead to the esoteric preferences, for those who want SpamSieve to mark incoming good messages as read.
  • Improved the error reporting when SpamSieve is unable to read the accounts from Mail.
  • Improved the error reporting when setting up the Mail plug-in.
  • The AppleMailMailboxListerExtraMailboxes option in the esoteric preferences can now be used with local mailboxes, to work around a Mail bug that hides certain mailboxes from SpamSieve.
Microsoft Outlook
  • When training an Outlook message as spam, SpamSieve now removes the Uncertain Junk category.
  • When refiltering an Outlook message that turns out to be spam, SpamSieve now removes the Good category.
  • When using macOS 14.4 or later, SpamSieve uses Swift Regex instead of ICU for matching blocklist and allowlist rules.
  • Worked around a macOS bug that could cause a crash when using a regular expression to process message text.
  • Worked around a macOS bug that could cause a hang when detecting the language of some message text.
  • Improved the handling of non-breaking space characters within words.
  • Log text that’s copied to the clipboard (or included in diagnostic reports) now uses consistent number formatting for message and word probabilities and has better descriptions for migrated rule predictions.
  • Diagnostic reports now include summary information about the objects in each database.
  • Diagnostic reports now include information to track down problems with the preferences not being saved.

If you have not installed a beta version of SpamSieve before, first click here to enter the beta key. Thereafter, you can just launch SpamSieve or choose Software Update from the SpamSieve menu to auto-install the beta. SpamSieve will also notify you about future betas automatically. You can click here to stop receiving in-app notifications of beta versions.