SpamSieve 3.0.5b2 Public Beta

Here’s a new beta version of SpamSieve. The changes are:

  • Preliminary testing shows that SpamSieve is compatible with macOS 15 Sequoia Developer Beta 1. Please let us know if you find any issues.
  • Worked around an Xcode bug that could cause a crash at launch on older versions of macOS when SpamSieve checked whether the Mac was connected to the Internet. If you had already installed SpamSieve 3.0.5b1 and disabled this feature to prevent the crashes, you can re-enable it after updating to b2 by clicking this link.
  • The mailbox outline now recognizes lowercase spam and junk mailboxes.
  • Improved the error reporting to track down an Apple Mail AppleScript issue when finding new messages to filter.
  • Updated for Swift 6.

If you have not installed a beta version of SpamSieve before, first click here to enter the beta key. Thereafter, you can just launch SpamSieve or choose Software Update from the SpamSieve menu to auto-install the beta. SpamSieve will also notify you about future betas automatically. You can click here to stop receiving in-app notifications of beta versions.

Previously: Beta 1.