SpamSieve 3 colors in Junk folder

In SpamSieve 3 can I use the colors in the Junk folder in a similar fashion to the way they were used in SpamSieve 2?

The messages in Junk are colored the same way as before. What are you trying to do with them?

Well in SpamSieve 2 there were Apple Mail rules like SpamSieve [Score], SpamSieve[Blue], etcetera that I used to automatically delete very spammy emails. Can I do the same thing somehow with the spam that is put in my Junk folder by SpamSieve 3?

Yes, in SpamSieve 3 there is a new Move it to the Trash if the spam score is at least setting to do this without using rules:


What is the usefulness of the colorization of the spammails in the junk mailbox (or in the trash), while working on Mac Sonoma with SpamSieve 3 as on extension (not having updated from SpamSieve 2)?

Earlier, with MacOS Ventura and SpamSieve 2, I was able to write different rules depending on the spaminess [spamScore] of the junkmail, e.g. I was able to delete the worst ones directly.

For what purpose can I use the colored mails and how to do that in an automated way?

Thanks in advance,
Pim, the Netherlands

Because of the built-in setting to move the more spammy messages to the trash, it’s no longer necessary to write color-based rules for that. However, the colors can still be useful if you’re reviewing the Junk or Trash mailbox, looking for good messages that might be there by mistake. You can focus your attention on the yellow and orange messages that SpamSieve was less sure about.

Thanks Micheal, for your answer.

Am I right to conclude that SpamSieve 3 (installed on Sonoma as an extension, not installed earlier as plugin) offers not a single option to auto-delete spammy mails, at most remove them to the trash.

Every couple of days I have to search in 400 à 450 spam mails if there maybe is a good one between them. Hence, I’d like to know if there is any other solution (on a MacBookPro) to auto delete them?

That’s correct, although you can set Mail to automatically empty the trash.

I don’t understand—why do you want to delete them unseen if you want to search them for good messages?

Thanks Michael, You are right, there is a contradiction in my question/statement.
Some weeks ago I was still working on MacOS Ventura using SpamSieve2 as a plugin. Then it was easy to delete the most spammy mails using the rules in Apple Mail that colored the junk mails by spaminess; all that was left was to search for a good mail in some 10-30 mails.

Now, with SpamSieve installed as extension there isn’t such an useful option and I have to find another solution.

In fact, I’m hoping that after a couple of more weeks SpamSieve does such a excellent job that I can throw away all the mail in the trash and junk mail folder

But for now, I have search for a good mail in 150-200 spam mails each day.

Could you not configure Move it to the Trash if the spam score is at least so that those 10–30 go to Junk and the rest to Trash? Or is the issue that you want more than two buckets?

If you want finer grained control, you can also set it to notify you for uncertain spam messages.

Thanks for your help and suggestions, Micheal, I will follow up your advice,

I was looking for the way to realize this, but can’t find it. Could you please help me?

In SpamSieve’s Notification settings:

make sure that Uncertain spam messages is checked.

And in System Settings ‣ Notification, make sure that notifications are allowed and set to Alerts:

so that they don’t disappear without your seeing them.