SpamSieve icon in the menu bar keeps disappearing

I haven’t heard of that happening before. Is there perhaps not enough space in your menu bar for all the icons? Are you using a utility that manages menu bar items?

Plenty of space in the menu bar. No utility of any sort. When it disappears, I reboot and it comes back. Very weird.


When it disappears, is the SpamSieve app still running in your Dock?


What happens if you toggle the Show menu bar icon checkbox off and on?

It immediately disappears and I have to restart to get it to come back. Ticking it off means it is gone without restart. I just double checked.

Any idea what triggers it to disappear after you do see it following a reboot? Does it help if you do a safe boot?

No idea what causes it. I’ll be working on laptop, finish, close and go away for a few hours. Sometimes when I come back (not every time) the icon is gone. Have to reboot then. Regular reboot works fine. No specific cause - it just randomly happens.


That’s very strange. I guess I should have asked before, but I assume that quitting and relaunching the app doesn’t help? If you see a difference between restarting the app and restarting the Mac, that would seem to point to a macOS issue rather than an app issue. Is this on Sonoma?

Regardless, I will add some diagnostics to the next build of SpamSieve to try to figure out what’s happening here.

Yes, on Sonoma 14.0. And I would agree it appears to be OS related. I tried quitting app and restarting app; the icon would not appear. Rebooted and it all worked well. At least I know how to solve the problem should it occur.

Maybe they will have an update to stabilize some of the buggy items. They killed one mail box function which is really pissing off a lot of people (the Move to a specific Mailbox which used to pop up in the toolbar). Takes much more time now to keep things filed/organized. Not your problem, but maybe related.

Thanks for trying to help, much appreciated.


Lot of yakidy-yak about this subject with suggestions like safe-mode start-up, etc. from the developer . . . simple solution for everyone is fix it or identify it - it its an OS issue and the developer can’t fix it then the app is not ready. In that case if I could get instructions on how to get a refund I would appreciate it. Too bad. Except for those two issues this app really works. Actually I think its pretty amazing but having to wade through installation splash screens every time I open from the dock (no other way) is a pain.

I don’t know what the cause of the issue is. SpamSieve 3 was in beta testing for months and has been available to the public for 2 weeks (with most customers already updating), and so far only one person other than you has mentioned it. So I don’t think it’s “not ready,” but rather there’s an obscure issue that we will nevertheless try to figure out. The first step is to try standard troubleshooting tactics. The second step (in progress) is to add diagnostics to SpamSieve to try to gather more information.

The app is still fully functional without the menu bar icon. You can access the training commands from the Dock menu and the keyboard shortcuts.

We can certainly do that if you prefer. Please contact with your order number.

If you are referring to the Welcome to SpamSieve window, that is normally only shown once. But if you launch SpamSieve later and it finds that there are no messages trained, it will show you the setup instructions again, since either you never finished setting it up or the files were deleted. We don’t want people to be stuck with it not working and them not knowing why.

Well I went through the process again and it seems better for sure. I don’t get the screen assisting me in installing the app snf the menu bar icon is there since I set it to open on boot. No complaints at this point. Operator error and apologies for jumping the gun. After a few messages got trained everything seems to be working fine. It is a great application. It has sidelined about 140 spam messages since yesterday morning. With three errors. I have to learn more about the features and understand it better.

Many thanks for your timely reply and interest in helping me.

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It’s a strange issue because literally the only time SpamSieve sets the icon to hidden is if you uncheck Show menu bar icon in the settings. Yet there are a few of you for which it seems to be changing for other reasons. SpamSieve 3.0.1b1 adds some diagnostics to try to track this down (click to enable/disable). After you’ve updated and enabled the diagnostics, if the problem happens again, please send in a diagnostic report.

Hi Michael,

I downloaded/installed the new version and after installing the Icon did not appear. Had to reboot. And then - there it is. I ran a diagnostic, hope it helps.

Thanks. The log shows that the icon is set to be visible, and macOS says it’s visible, and neither changed after launch. I wonder if the issue is that it’s “visible” but hidden because it’s in the notch (camera housing area) of your MacBook Air. I’ll make some changes in the next beta to try to detect this.


Hope this helps - here’s a screen shot of where the icon sits.

Screenshot 2023-10-10 at 4.53.29 PM.png

There are some changes in SpamSieve 3.0.1b2 to investigate this. Please click to enable/disable some extra diagnostics. After you’ve updated and enabled the diagnostics, if the problem happens again, please send in a diagnostic report.

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Updated successfully and will let you know if it occurs again.

Thanks for your help.