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SpamSieve keeps toggling between activating and deactivating its Apple Mail rules

Long time SpamSieve user and logged on here today to investigate an issue I am having with Apple Mail taking a long time to launch. I saw another post here talking about that same issue and I will add information to that thread later. But first, I created some sort of problem for myself while I was reading what was being said about perhaps changing a spamsieve preference that might have helped with my other issue Mail loading time issue. I thought clicking on a link I saw in that other post (about changing preferences) would send me to some text to read about that topic but instead it actually changed a preference for me on (I would guess) my version of SpamSieve, a preference I cannot find as described. But I did save a screenshot of what the preference said. It is as follows… “The “InstallerMailFasterAppleEvent” is now set to YES”. And once that occurred, now anytime I quit and restart Apple Mail, I get one of two messages from SpamSieve, one that says “SpamSieve has temporarily deactivated its AppleMail rules”. If I quit and restart Mail, next time I get that it has “reactivated” the same… What a mess. I’ve gone in to “Rules” in Apple Mail Preferences and I see the SpamSieve rule sitting there and something (not me) keeps toggling that check mark. Why??? What happened and how to do I find this “InstallerMailFasterAppleEvent” preference???

Help me get that fixed and then I will post in another thread I see here about my initial problem, that I, like at least a couple of others, are reporting that Apple Mail is taking a long time to load these days… But first things first… Help with this crazy toggling of SpamSieve rules, on, off, on, off???

It sounds like you’re referring to this thread. I recommend that you follow my first suggestion there, which was to record a sample log of what Mail is doing to figure out why it’s slow. Otherwise you will be guessing at a solution that may be for a different problem than the one you actually have. Please start a new e-mail or thread for your issue.

SpamSieve needs to detect whether Mail has finished launching in order to know whether it should temporarily disable its rules. To do this, it asks Mail to count the number of mailboxes. In rare cases, Mail is very slow at doing this, and so what should be a simple query ends up causing Mail to hang. This seemed to be what was happening in the other thread, so I asked that customer to click this link to set an esoteric preference not to ask Mail to count the mailboxes. In your case, that wasn’t the source of the problem, and so avoiding the counting caused SpamSieve to believe that Mail had finished launching when it actually had not, hence the rule problems that you saw. So you should click this link to turn the counting back on.

Hi Michael, OK, I did what you suggested wherein I clicked on the 2nd link you have above that you said would “turn the counting back on”. Although what it did was strange, that did work. The strange part was SpamSieve put up an unexpected message while both Mail and SpamSieve were on and had been for a while, the message being (again) that “SpamSieve as temporarily deactivated its Apple Mail Rules”. But when I quit and restarted, the messages stopped and the SpamSieve Rule IS selected (checked) in Apple Mail preferences. So…

Are the preferences (links) you have above to “turn on counting” or “turn off counting” are preferences we users can access inside SpamSieve??? Or are you connecting to something in some deeper file that we don’t normally access??? I went hunting for the “counting” preference and could not find anything like that with the preferences of either SpamSieve or Apple Mail???

It was in the SpamSieve preferences file but got deleted when you clicked the link to turn counting back on.

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