SpamSieve Public Beta and macOS 13 Ventura

The current public beta version of SpamSieve is compatible with Apple Mail on the beta version of macOS 13. You can sign up below to be notified when new beta versions are available and download them from within the app.

The beta release notes are available in the Software Update window and also in the “Version History” section of the manual (in the Help menu).

We do not recommend using a macOS beta on your main Mac, as there may be bugs that we have not had time to, or cannot, work around. With that said, we do welcome bug reports so that we can investigate any bugs and report them to Apple or try to develop workarounds. Please submit any feedback or bug reports via e-mail, rather than posting here.

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Hi Michael. I have changed the preference setting to Public Beta as per the process here but am not getting any available updates that suggest there is a beta version available to download.

I know the preference for beta version is set as I get this message:

The “MJTUpdateCheckerBetaKey” preference is now set to “PublicBeta”. You may need to quit and re-launch SpamSieve for this change to take effect.

However, trying to update does not show me anything other than the “You already have the latest version of SpamSieve.” response.

I am running 2.9.50 on Beta 5 (22A5311f) which is the latest developer build.

Hoping you might be able to help figure out why I can’t get the beta Spamsieve version.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Currently, the release version (2.9.50) is compatible with the latest macOS beta, so there is no public beta version that’s newer.

This confused me also because the 3rd known issue suggests the public beta may fix the problem of not moving spam messages (a problem I’m having only recently). It didn’t appear outdated because #1 acknowledges 2.9.50.

Sorry for the confusion. I have updated the known issues list.

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Hi Michael,

I got ahead of myself when I updated my 2017 27" iMac 5K to macOS Ventura 13.3 and my version of Spamsieve was not compatible with Mac Mail 16. I immediately wrote an email to your support asking about when an updated version compatible with macOS Ventura 13.3 would be available.

Well, you can disregard that email as I have now come across this post in the Spamsieve forums, which I just joined. I joined the beta program and upon restarting Spamsieve I was notified that there is a newer version available. Downloaded, installed… all is right with the world again. Thanks for this spam software that I’ve been using for years. It is absolutely the best for anyone using a Mac.



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