SpamSieve receiving empty messages from MailMate

Hi Michael

Adding to what has been reported before by somebody else, but in some more detail, hope you can help:

MailMate claims to be handing over the message to SpamSieve:

1 new messages detected (SpamSieve detection is enabled)
Part of query: $'B484BD0B-0941-4DED-9A39-C8C59B91272C'.filter(#flags.flag !=[x] '$NotJunk').filter(#import-date !exists) (8366 messages)
SpamSieve -> MailMate: Message 704311 is good (0) – From: “C-Command Software Forum <>”, Subject: “[C-Command] Confirm your new account”, Message-ID:

SpamSieve claims to be receiving an empty message:

2021-03-21 14:29:53.278 [com.c-command.SpamSieve]  Empty message

which then causes it to handle all incoming mail identically, because they all look identical:

Predicted: Gut (0)
Subject: <SpamSieve-Unknown-Subject>
From: <SpamSieve-Unknown-From>
Identifier: mGchMm62dFNB53dkuohH0Q==
Reason: looked up message in corpus
Date: 2021-03-21 14:29:53 +0100 (GMT+1)

Running MailMate 1.14 (5757, x86) and SpamSieve 2.9.43 on macOS 11.2.3 (20D91).
The Automation permission has been requested and approved.

What is the next step for debugging?

Thank you!

(Please excuse the countless code blocks, but without them all sorts of links were generated automatically, which meant I was unable to create the topic because new users are only allowed to include two links.)

I think you are seeing a different issue because the other customer was getting no spam scores in MailMate (because communication with SpamSieve was blocked) whereas you are getting scores of zero (because SpamSieve happens to be classifying the empty messages as good).

Does x86 mean that you have an Intel-based Mac or that you are running an x86 version of MailMate in Rosetta on an Apple Silicon Mac?

One other customer has reported the same issue, and with a debug build I was able to see that SpamSieve is indeed receiving empty message data. So there may be a macOS bug in AppleScript or an issue with MailMate. I recommend contacting MailMate’s developer to see whether any diagnostics can be added at that end, e.g. to see which data MailMate is submitting to AppleScript. I will contact him as well.

Sorry about that. You can make a big code block by using triple backquotes.

The latter, since there is no arm version of MailMate available.

I have let Benny know and will let you know if I can provide any more data.

No worries. I noticed, but by the time I had edited all instances out of my post, I could not save the edit because I exceeded the 20 minute time window :smiley: next time! (For the same reason I had to edit the link from your quote as to not exceed the limit again.)

The other customer is also on Apple Silicon. I wonder if it’s a Rosetta AppleScript bug—I’ve seen others.

Judging from a multi-architecture test build that I just received and that works flawlessly running natively, it probably is an issue outside of SpamSieve. I will keep you updated.

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