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Standalone Server Junk Mailbox script reports error -600

Hi Michael,

For the last several weeks, possibly months, Apple Mail has been running fine with SpamSieve and I do capture spam but every now and then I’ll get the Apple Mail - Server Junk Mailbox script bouncing up and down on my dock with an error that says:

Application isn’t running (-600)

I generally just click Ok and things are fine for a while until it happens again. I reviewed all the troubleshooting steps and yet I continue to have this issue.

I’m running OS 11.6 on a MacBook Air M1 and pretty sure I’m using the latest version of SpamSieve.

Thanks for any help.


PS - I followed your advice below at the time you sent that email back in April.

Thanks for the report. I think you may be running into an M1-specific macOS bug. Does it help if you download a fresh copy of the script and use Script Editor to save it as a new Application? (And then use that instead of the one that you have now.)

I’ve also updated the script so that it doesn’t get stuck if this error occurs intermittently.

I downloaded the script from the link you provided. At the top it says ‘FasdUAS 1.101.10’. Just want to make sure that is the correct version.

Following the installation instructions it says to put it in the Library directory from root ~ but I could only get to Application Scripts from Library in my user folder, not Library from root. From there, I put it in the com.apple.mail folder where I saw an existing version. Just pointing this out as it may confuse other people. Unless Apple changed the order of things?

I’ll see if this works and if not, then I’ll try your suggestion of saving it as a new Application. If I do save it as a new app, does that mean I have to manually run it or will Mail trigger it to run automatically?

That just means it’s a compiled script file. If you open it in Script Editor, near the top it should say:

-- Last Modified: 2021-09-20

You said above that it was in your Dock. If you’re saving the script as a standalone application to keep running, it should be in your Applications folder. You would set it to launch at login, and then it would stay running and check periodically even when you aren’t receiving new mail in your Mail inbox.

The ~/Library/Application Scripts/com.apple.mail folder is for scripts that are run by Mail rules. So you could put the compiled script there and it would check for server-caught junk messages when you receive a non-junk message in your inbox.

As far as I recall, I did not save the script as a standalone application but the script icon does bounce in my dock (or did? hasn’t happened again yet) when I get that error.

As far as ~/Library/Application Scripts/com.apple.mail is concerned, I don’t even have an Application Scripts folder in ~/Library but I do have that folder in ~/Users/dcoplan/Library/Application Scripts/com.apple.mail and that’s where the script resides.

Is this correct or part of the problem?

The ~ means /Users/<your username> so it sounds like you are looking in the right place.