Updating SpamSieve and Mail Settings for macOS 14 Sonoma

After OS and Spam Sieve config, only get train as goo or bad from dock NOT in Mail app from Messages. The Central / Option / L combo flashes by and leave no trae of where the spam was sent.
Any ideas?

Yes, this was mentioned in #4 above. With macOS Sonoma, it is no longer possible to add commands to the Message menu in Mail, so they are now in the SpamSieve menu bar icon and in the Dock menu.

When using the Mail extension, the SpamSieve rule in Mail’s settings should be automatically disabled, and you can delete it. Do not re-enable this rule because it will move every message to Junk/Spam without consulting SpamSieve. The Command-Option-L shortcut also does Apply Rules for any other Mail rules that you may have set up.

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Hi Michael,

I was confused in step 3 because it said :

However, if you want to do it on your own schedule, you should configure your Mac’s settings before September 26.

As I didn’t see that until the 27th, I was wondering what I should do first.

Here’s my situation/understanding now:

I’ve upgraded to V3. Paid for it.

It’s working, I think. I’m still in Ventura.

Since I am going to upgrade to Sonoma, I’m now reading step 2.

You can continue using the Mail plug-in setup 10 with SpamSieve 3 on macOS Ventura (in which case the Mail integration will work much the same as before) or switch to the Mail extension setup 141 (in preparation for Sonoma). If you choose to do this, click the Uninstall Plug-In button in Settings ‣ Apple Mail ‣ Setup

Do I uninstall the plug-in first, by unchecking this box:


And then I follow the steps here?

Please confirm I’m on the right track, or correct me.


It’s still better to update SpamSieve before updating macOS.

No, you can just use the Uninstall Plug-In button in SpamSieve’s Settings window.

I’m a little confused, since I came at this from a different direction before I realized how different 3.0 is from previous versions.

I was using an M1 Mac Mini that I had just set up about 8 months ago. I had Mail and Spamsieve working on there. Then it came time to move that Mac Mini to my workshop for work. I got an M2 Mac Mini and setup Mail. I couldn’t use Migration Assistant (long story) and it was a struggle to get Mail set up, but I got all my mail servers and my folders and mailboxes setup. Then I downloaded and installed the latest Spamsieve and copied ~/Library/Application Support/Spamsieve from the older M1 to my M2. (That’s what worked for updating most programs - install it and copy over the Application Support directory.)

It was after that I realized I had downloaded 3.0, which was different than 2.0. So I have 3.0 installed, I have it setup as an extension in Mail (in settings in Mail and Spamsieve) but it’s not filtering.

Did I create a mess by copying over the Application Support directory? I don’t want to have to re-train Spamsieve, if at all possible. I’m not clear where to go from here. Seems like there would be a nuclear option: Uninstall Spamsieve on the new system, install an older version (if I have it around), make sure that’s working, then upgrade to 3.0, so I can easily import the 2.x settings that are there anyway.

I’m hoping I don’t have to go that far. So how do I proceed from here?

That’s perfectly fine to do. SpamSieve 3 should import all the old data at first launch. The Log window will tell you what it imported, and you can also see it in the Statistics window.

Sounds like a setup issue. Please see Why is SpamSieve not catching my spam?.

I thought I had it working. I can pick “Filter” from the menu bar drop-down and all I select are filtered, but it’s still not filtering them as they come in. I’m looking over everything and double-checking that I’ve done it all correctly, but this is where my reading disability kicks in. I can miss small details and it can take me a long time to find them.

You might be running into the macOS bug mentioned here, in which case the workaround is to enable the Filter spam messages in other mailboxes option and add the inboxes to the Select Mailboxes to Filter… sheet. Then SpamSieve will check the inboxes itself, to filter them without relying on the Mail extension.

Just a note to report that the upgrade went great for me. The strategy here, where the upgrade works fine with Ventura, was really helpful. First, in Ventura, I basically uninstalled SpamSieve from Apple Mail, making sure there was no trace of the plug-in or any rules related to SpamSieve. Then I downloaded SpamSieve 3 and, following the instructions, got it running with Apple Mail using the extension instead of the plug-in (and no rules). I checked over my various account settings, where no change was needed. Then I waited a couple of days so that some spam arrived, and I confirmed that SpameSieve 3 handled the spam. Then I paid for the upgrade and installed Sonoma. Very nice transition! Thanks for the work that went into implementing and documenting all this.

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Since this seems to be a generic “Sonoma upgrade” thread, I ran into an odd issue.

I set up a new Mac on Ventura within the past month or so (I posted about that upthread). I used the extension instead of the plugin so I wouldn’t have to deal with any issues when I upgraded to Sonoma.

That didn’t work as well as I thought. I upgraded to Sonoma and got a message to be sure to set up Spamsieve as an extension. I checked settings and, yes, it’s an extension. SpamSieve settings seem to be correct, too. It is filtering spam from my email, so that’s working, but the “Train as Spam” and “Train as good” items are no longer in Message menu. I right clicked on some emails to see if they showed up there and they don’t.

So when I get spam that doesn’t get filtered, how do I tell SpamSieve that it’s spam - or that something it flagged is good?

This is described in Step 4 in the first post. The SpamSieve menu commands are now in the SpamSieve menu bar icon because apps in macOS Sonoma are no longer allowed to add menu items directly to Mail.

Ah - and I remember reading that when I did my initial install of the new version and completely forgot it when I did the upgrade. Thank you!

As of SpamSieve 3.0.2b1, this should no longer be necessary. It will automatically filter the inboxes even if you encounter the macOS bug.

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All working great except not removing green flag after message is read. Is there a fix or what did I miss? :slight_smile:

Please try checking the Including in the inbox box in Settings ‣ Apple Mail ‣ Filtering.

That was the fix. Thank you!!