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What's the best email client supported by SpamSieve for Mac?

All the myriad problems with email are saying to me it’s time for a change. Anybody have good experiences on Mac with other email clients, in the current macOS environment?

There are some suggestions in THIS THREAD. No one was willing to rank the suggestions, but there is probably no “Best” solution for all users anyway. I’m still looking for the best one for myself, too! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Greetings. I got this thread going a few weeks back. In the end I chose AirMail. Does what I need plus it interfaces with the Mac, iPhone, iPad and now with my Apple watch. The pro price is very reasonable and it works great. Try out the free version.

Here’s a fairly comprehensive list of Apple Mail alternatives : 22 Best Apple Mail Alternatives - Reviews, Features, Pros & Cons - Alternative.me.

I needed an email client that worked well with OpenPGP, and Thunderbird seemed a bit too cluttered / bloated, so I went for Postbox. It has a very nice UI and supports OpenPGP through the enigmail addon.

Postbox users were screwed when version 6 was released, as it no longer supported SpamSieve. I actually purchased v5 after 6 was already released. Then, when v7 was released they went to an annual subscription for much more than the original single-purchase price. Also, I found the v6 and v7 trials to be very buggy.

I just switched from MacOS Mail to MailMate at the behest of that other Mail alternative thread mentioned above. And I am loving it. Not exactly for everyone. I find it to be more of a power-user’s style app. Seemingly ending options and settings. But, control is good.

To currently use Postbox with SpamSieve filtering, you’d need to install SpamSieve for Apple Mail and let that run hidden in the background. Combined with the drone setup , you can still train SpamSieve from within Postbox by moving messages into the special TrainSpam and TrainGood mailboxes, so you don’t actually have to interact with Apple Mail.

Postbox does not use a subscription model - it’s a one time purchase for a lifetime license, that can be used cross platform on all your mac and windows computers. Of course postbox also already has an inbuilt spam filter function.

[PS - I’m not affiliated with Postbox in any way, just a content user.]

Speaking of Airmail, it is paid by a subscription fee, $30/year.

Of the apps actually tried (Airmail, Mailmate, GyazMail) and of course Mail, Airmail is the only one that is by subscription. The rest above are one time purchase. Not a fan of monthly or even yearly subscription for email clients.

This particular thread is one I began on 17 JAN 2022, BTW. There have been others, so I beg your indulgence for not finding others before starting yet another one. The big issues found in my quest is that there is no perfect solution for support and for signatures features in email clients.

There is no perfect answer for a markdown based signature, coded in html that works perfectly in the tested cases and is robust enough to appear correctly on ALL mail readers.

Mailmate gave it their best try that I’ve seen, but also fails to reproduce a local sourced graphic from an html document. An internet stored graphic is deemed to be dangerous and spam-like, which I can understand.

Mail.app also gives it a go, but doesn’t appear to support a full html coded document with local graphics.

My apologies for confusing Postbox with another email client. I still don’t remember which one that was, although may have been Sparkmail. However, I did find Postbox v7 to have many bugs after release and was just too frustrating for me. Also at that time, the Postbox SPAM filter was not even close to the performance of SpamSieve. That was all awhile ago and things may very well have improved. For now, I am satisfied with all the “tweakables” in MailMate.

Not sure where you obtained your information from but according to my calendar January 2, 2022 comes before January 17, 2022. In addition, I must have gotten very lucky as I was only charged $9.99 US for Airmail. That is also what is posted on their app page. Either way, after spending over $4000.00 for my iMac I have no problem spending less than three cents per day for a program that runs great for me and interfaces my iMac with the iPhone, iPad and iWatch. Not that I’m an Apple fan at all!

Might have been an intro price? This seems to be sold on Apple’s App Store now. If you know of a one-time purchase option, please attach a link with the web page for a direct purchase? There is no outright purchase option offered at Mac App Store just a monthly or yearly option.

That’s the price unless you live in a different location. They don’t specify where that might be though.
If you look at the app and then press and scroll down you will see they currently are charging.

We must have different versions, then. Mine doesn’t do that. It’s a subscription model through App Store - v5.1 (681). What’s yours?

5.1 681 Just the same . Are you in the US??


Should show the same info I would assume!

Yes. I’ve got Airmail tweaked out the way I want it, now. My SpamSieve drone set up keeps working as before on the backup/server computer (MacMini M1), while the user station (MBP2019 15" Touch Bar) uses Airmail. Seems good.

Though Airmail charges for a SpamSieve plug-in of their own, and filtering/emptying of the JunkMail folders is a setting I haven’t figured out (yet) within Airmail, I no longer have to worry about either of these for the transition.

Other than the cost of Airmail and lack of a one time purchase option, I’m satisfied with performance of the app and features, in my workflow.

So narrowed down the choices to two possible replacements to Mail in my user machine - Airmail and Mailmate.

Mailmate’s signature HTML formatting while looking nice, doesn’t work well at all, possibly because it’s rooted in HTML 1.0 transitional and my code is HTML5 (not worth converting or troubleshooting further).

Seems that its biggest problem with signatures is the cut and paste and HTML code want the code input resident in a certain place but doesn’t put it there on its own in macOS. Even their beta has no further options in this regard.

Mailmate has a dizzying array of other options which I don’t need. It’s difficult for me to navigate them all to get to the ones I do want to use.

The developer (Benny Nielsen at Freron Software) hasn’t answered my inquiries about this. He has answered one email previously with the suggestion that I look at their beta program apps.