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Whitelisted email address still caught by SpamSieve

Tried “Train as Good” and whitelisting, but the messages still go into Junk (Apple Junk Mail is turned off). They’re from antispamengine.com so maybe that is a trigger somehow? Thanks for any help on this.


This is probably unrelated to SpamSieve and instead caused by a server junk filter. Please see this page.

When I first set up SpamSieve—admittedly some years and many OS releases ago—there was an option to use the Junk folder for the spam it finds. So all my SpamSieve spam goes there.

You can still do that. If you’re mixing spam from different filters in the same mailbox, you can use the Open Log command to see which ones SpamSieve processed.

OK, but I don’t understand how that helps me with the original problem. No matter how many times I choose “Train as Good” for AntiSpamEngine.com emails, they are still identified as junk by SpamSieve.

The most likely reason that training as good isn’t helping is that SpamSieve is not, in fact, what’s marking them as spam. That’s why I suggested that you look at the log to see whether it’s SpamSieve doing that. If the log says SpamSieve thought they were spam, it will say why, and then we can see how to adjust SpamSieve; or if the log doesn’t say that, then SpamSieve is not the problem.

Sorry, I missed that. Here’s a typical entry from the log:

Trained: Good (Manual)
Subject: AntiSpamEngine.com Report: 20180301 - 20180302 (rhodeschroma.com)
From: no-reply@portal.antispamengine.com
Identifier: JgINJd6CPiI37pTWK4Af4w==
Actions: added to Good corpus (4443)
Date: 2018-03-02 16:52:27 -0800 (PST)

This is the log entry showing that you trained the message as good. If SpamSieve thought the message was spam, there would be a prior entry for that message that says “Predicted: Spam”.

That said, if these e-mails are reports about spam messages, they probably contain spammy words, so it doesn’t really make sense to train them as good or have SpamSieve process them, anyway. You should make a Mail rule above the SpamSieve rule that moves them to another mailbox or says Stop Evaluating Rules to prevent the SpamSieve rule from acting on them.