Does SpamSieve no longer work with POP accounts?

I’ve upgraded to SpamSieve 3 and macOS 14 Sonoma. SpamSieve is no longer filtering my POP mail accounts, regardless of how much I retrain it. SpamSieve 2 DID filter my POP accounts. Can you correct this? SpamSieve 3 is now pretty useless to me, and I regret paying to upgrade.

SpamSieve does still work with POP accounts. There are two potential issues that you might be running into, and you can tell which by looking in the Log window for log entries pertaining to the unfiltered messages.

If the log entry says Predicted: Spam, this means that SpamSieve did identify the message as spam but was unable to move it to the Junk mailbox. This typically happens if the POP account does not have a Junk mailbox configured in Mail. There is information about how to fix that here. Essentially you would use the Message ‣ Move to Junk to have Mail create the Junk mailbox, since there is no way to set it directly for POP accounts.

If there is no Predicted log entry for the message, that means that it was never sent to SpamSieve for filtering. Please see the Why are Apple Mail inbox messages not being processed? or Why are other Apple Mail mailboxes not being processed? section of the help, depending on which mailbox the unfiltered messages are in.

It’s also possible that the log entry says Predicted: Good. That would mean that SpamSieve did look at the message but made a mistake. This seems unlikely to be the problem since you say it’s not working for any messages, but I mention it here for completeness.

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I’ve followed your suggestions. SpamSieve is still not moving my POP junk into the junk folder, even after repeated instructions. Perhaps it’s time to look at the code and figure out what’s not working, instead of blaming your customers.

So which of the above situations are you in? Is there a Predicted entry in the log for this message, and if so what does it say? What, specifically, did you do in following the suggestions? This will help figure out where the problem is.

It would also help if you could use the Save Diagnostic Report command in the Help menu and send me the report file, as described here, so that we can see whether any errors are being reported.

I’ve followed the instructions here: Quick Start to Keep SpamSieve Working With Apple Mail When Updating to macOS 14 Sonoma

and I’ve also followed the instructions under [4.5.4 Setting the Junk Mailbox in Apple Mail] here: SpamSieve Manual: Setting the Junk Mailbox in Apple Mail

BTW, since I’ve turned off Apple Mail’s “Enable junk mail filtering,” my Junk inbox is now flooded with junk emails received through iCloud that it used to filter out. It’s all bad.

Please check Step 7 there again. It really sounds like you are in the situation I mentioned above where there is no Predicted log entry, but you’ve not said what the log window shows.

If you are unable to check the log, please update to SpamSieve 3.0.1b3, as this will automatically work around some of the issues that could cause messages not to be filtered.