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Issue with one of four mail accounts

So… Been using SS for a while now and once Michael finally got me straightened out has been good for many months. A few weeks ago I found I that 1) Some folks were getting my emails back as undeliverable although I was getting other email. Now nothing goes to my inbox (hotmail account) and everything goes into Junk. Most of what I receive in that box is Junk but there are things that belong in that box. So now I scroll through the junk box and have to pick out and move the mail that I want to go into the in box. I have never changed the status of any of these people to treat as spam. I now mark them as treat as good and it shows up unopened at the inbox but upon a reply o new email it goes to the junk box. I have four email accounts running via Mac Mail and this is the only one with an issue. I send a mail from one account or another of mine and it always goes to junk even though I changed my name as Good

Ideas greatly appreciated.

Most likely, the Hotmail server junk filter—not SpamSieve—is catching the message before it gets to your Mac. You could confirm that this is what’s happening by looking in the log and try turning off the server filter as described here.

Hello Michael:

Thank you so much for your quick, as usual, response. I checked my Hotmail and that filter is already in place. I omitted it and put in a new one as stated but the results is the same with all mail going into my junk box. What else could you suggest for me?

Thank you again.

If the server junk filter can’t be turned off, you can set up this AppleScript to have SpamSieve rescue the good messages from the Junk mailbox.

I was looking at this earlier today and it seemed OK. I tried with the outlook spam filter on and off and get the same results. Her is what mine looks like,

Let me know what you think. Again, no issues with the other three accounts.

That looks fine to me. Have you tested the script in Script Editor to make sure it moves the messages out of each Junk mailbox? (You could also manually move or delete the bulk of the older messages if you don’t want SpamSieve to go through all of those.)

Good Day Michael:

Sadly I wouldn’t even know where to begin to do such a test. I am not any type of a programming person unfortunately. The other three accounts have no issue. They work fine bu the Pitchpipe 52 account tosses everything in to junk mail.

Here is what I got from yesterday. Looks good but ended up in spam……

It looks like you already had the script file open in Script Editor, where you added your account names. So all you need to do to test it is to click the Run button in that window.

Good Day Michael:

So I managed to figure out how to run a test. It just shows two quotes for results… “ “ Don’t know what that tells you. I have been checking the junk folder when I am in my mail so that I can pick out the good ones and delete the real junk. The other three accounts have no issue. They work fine but the Pitchpipe 52 account tosses everything in to junk mail.

The result of the test should be that the Junk mailboxes in Mail are all emptied, with good messages moved to the inbox and spam messages moved to Spam. If that doesn’t happen, you should see errors reported in the Console app. (The easiest way to see them is to enter Server Junk Mailbox in the Console search field before running the script.)

Hello again Michael:

I can not get it to change. Ii is an issue with me for sure but that is what old age gets for you. Should I just remove it and leave it out or maybe reinstall it? Was working great and I never went in and played around with it. Would make more sense (to me anyway} if all four mail programs were not working instead of just one.

Could you explain what “it” refers to?

I think they’re working differently because the mail providers are different.

It just refers to them mail program but only for Pitchpipe52 as the other three work fine. That is the strange part. The other three email address work fine. So, even good addresses come in showing that they are spam. Nothing at all comes in as good even though I have changed it back to good.

Did you try what I suggested above to run the script in Script Editor and see if it moves any messages out of Junk or reports any errors in Console? You can also set pEnableDebugLogging in the script to true to see more information about what it is doing.

Hi Michael:
I have not really played around with this issue over the past several weeks. I have come to the point that I have to go to junk-mail and look for any email that is of importance and move it to my inbox and then delete the junk manually. I have not been able to repair or change this issue but I am not a real computer guy ether.

Please let me know if you have a specific question about how to test the script by running it in Script Editor and looking at error logging. Or, it may be that the problem is something simple like the account name in the script not exactly matching the account name in Mail.

I stuck with my emails, they are not saved in draft.

Sorry, but I’m not sure what “stuck” refers to here. SpamSieve does not affect draft messages.

I mean, I have seen this problem for the last 3 weeks.

Which problem? For example, what did you do? What happened? What did you expect to happen instead?