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Issue with one of four mail accounts

Hi Michael:

I still have one account that all my email is going to junk. The other three are fine except that one email address is out there and is now getting bombarded with unwanted female companion messages. Can I exempt specific phrases to push these into trash? As for my original issue, I need direction on how to run the script editor.


You could do that by creating a rule in Mail above the SpamSieve rules.

It’s in the Utilities folder in your Applications folder.

Still no success. All email goes into junk marked as spam whether it is or not. I end up sorting through it and moving the good mail back to the inbox. Still running Catalina so Big Sur is not an issue.
I just lack the knowledge to make the proper corrections it seems.
Can I just remove Spam-sieve from that one Email account and let it run normally?

Yes, please see this page. However, the problem that you described is that Hotmail was putting the messages in Junk. Turing off SpamSieve for that account won’t fix that. That’s why we were trying to set up SpamSieve to do more with that account, to work around the Hotmail problem. I recommend continuing with that. For example, did you ever test the script as I described above?

So here is a screen shot from my Hotmail account. Tells me that all the spam blocking is off in Hotmail…

Other than that I changed nothing in my SpamSieve settings. I looked through everything and honestly don’t remember how to run the script for this account but I’ll keep looking.

It looks like your Hotmail rule is correct, so I’m not sure why it isn’t working. The script I’m referring to is the one that you mentioned here. You already had it open in Script Editor, so at that point you can just click the Run button to test it (after first opening the Console app and entering Server Junk Mailbox in the search field so that you can see any errors that are reported).

I have now turned of the spam mail plug in and all my hot mail is still going to junk mail. Should I just remove that account from Apple Mail and reinstall it?

Thank you.

No, that won’t help. The messages go to Junk because of the Hotmail server junk filter, not because of anything in Apple Mail. The SpamSieve plug-in moves messages from Inbox to Spam. To move messages out of Junk you need this script as we discussed back in December and you set up as shown here.

Hi Michael.

Still plugging away. I have noticed that when I send out a reply that I show that two emails are being sent. Shows up un the mac and also show up on the iPhone / iPad. Perhaps that is part of the issue???

I don’t think there’s any connection between sent messages and messages caught by your server junk filter. Sent messages are also not processed by SpamSieve. If all your devices are connecting via IMAP or Exchange, it’s normal for them to sync so that the same message appears (once) in the Sent mailbox on each device.

Still can’t straighten it out. I believe I know the answer to this but would changing to an alternative mail app help me fix out this situation so I can continue to use SpamSieve?

The problem is with your server junk filter, so uninstalling SpamSieve will not fix anything. SpamSieve can help you with this problem, but only via Apple Mail. Did you try testing the script in Script Editor as discussed above?

Hi Michael…

Yes I did but it didn’t find any error . I will take a look at my other hotmail account and see if there are any differences. That one works fine.

The script in your screenshot has debug logging enabled, so you should be getting status messages every time it runs, even if there were no errors. What does your Console window look like before you run the script? Maybe it’s not set to show the right log.

Hi Michael:

I am relying from myPP52 mail to an older response. I would like a reply here to see if I get mail here. So far I have not gotten anything here or the other FH4 dress but I am not getting all the garbage that I was getting either so that is a plus. I will say though that all the spam I was getting seems to have gone away but I just found one here in Archived mail. Not sure if that will continue. I don’t any of those message in any spam box but it is tossing them out to the landfill that is fine by me. Will not make any changes until I hear back from you.

Getting there slowly but surely.

Thank you again,

Meant to attach this… and another one popped in just as I was about to take a screen shot.

Also, here is how that mail is set up.

Please see Keeping Spam Messages Out of Gmail’s Archive.

This email showed up in the IN-BOX. Let’s hope this keeps up!

Will try the attached link.

Thanks again.

Hi Michael:

Back to using the old email address for the moment. Hopefully this gets squared away soon. So I seem to get no email at this address. It all goes to junk. FH4… all that website pix BS is gone it all goes into the FH4 archive mailbox along with duplicates of the inbox.

I have a few attachments for you to look at plus another diagnostic report. Obviously I have something done incorrectly that I can not seem to find out.

Thank you again for your time and effort for assisting me with this.


SpamSieve Diagnostic Report 3-20.tbz

Oddly, the report that you sent indicates that SpamSieve is not installed for Apple Mail (no SpamSieve rules, in fact rules not modified since December, SpamSieve plug-in not loaded) and SpamSieve’s log file is empty (perhaps indicating a file permissions problem). So, unless there’s another Mac with SpamSieve installed, whatever you’re seeing must be caused by a server filter.