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SpamSieve Keeps Freezing after migrating to a new M1 Mac Mini 2020 running Big Sur

I just migrated from a Mac Mini running High Sierra to a new M1 Mac Mini running Big Sur. I have installed the latest version of SpamSieve. When the app launches it immediately freezes and I am unable to access the settings.

I have been using SpamSieve for years and I do not want to loose all of the training that I have done to it.

How can I resolve this issue without losing anything?


You won’t lose anything if you don’t delete any files. I recommend recording samples of both Mail and SpamSieve during the freeze.

Thanks for sending the report. You seem to be running into a macOS bug that only affects SpamSieve on Apple Silicon. If you e-mail me your preferences file:


I can send you a workaround. The file is called com.c-command.SpamSieve.plist, and it’s in the Preferences folder inside your Library folder.

Please see the attached preference file.

Thanks so much for looking into this issue for me.


Thanks. I will send you the workaround via private message.