SpamSieve Keeps Freezing after migrating to a new M1 Mac Mini 2020 running Big Sur

I just migrated from a Mac Mini running High Sierra to a new M1 Mac Mini running Big Sur. I have installed the latest version of SpamSieve. When the app launches it immediately freezes and I am unable to access the settings.

I have been using SpamSieve for years and I do not want to loose all of the training that I have done to it.

How can I resolve this issue without losing anything?


You won’t lose anything if you don’t delete any files. I recommend recording samples of both Mail and SpamSieve during the freeze.

Thanks for sending the report. You seem to be running into a macOS bug that only affects SpamSieve on Apple Silicon. If you purchased SpamSieve long ago via the eSellerate store, SpamSieve needs to use Rosetta to validate the license, even though the SpamSieve app itself runs natively. (Since eSellerate is no longer in business, they have no Apple Silicon version.) If Rosetta is not installed, instead of offering to install it, macOS will cause the app to hang.

You can work around this by using Finder’s Get Info command on the SpamSieve application file and setting it to Open using Rosetta. This should get macOS to offer to install Rosetta for you. Or, you can install Rosetta manually by entering this Terminal command:

/usr/sbin/softwareupdate --install-rosetta

Once Rosetta is installed, you can uncheck Open using Rosetta, and SpamSieve will run natively on Apple Silicon.

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Thanks so much for looking into this issue for me.

I have just run into this problem on my new M2Pro Mac Mini, so I’m glad to have found this thread. The sad thing is I didn’t want to install Rosetta on the Mini if I could avoid it.



Why not? It’s small.

Way to make me feel old! :wink: OK - great instructions - thanks very much. Hey I just found emails from 2002!

Thanks! Had this issue, found this thread. All good now.