Apple Mail Hanging After SpamSieve 3 Update

Michael, I have been using SpamSieve (SS) for years (many many years). I upgraded to the paid version a day or two ago and today Mail was simply hung. I had to force kill it then when I tried to restart it, it was hung so badly it would not display any mail windows at all. I finally force killed Mail again and SpamSieve and rebooted. This time I simply drug SpamSieve to the trashcan and restarted Mail and uninstalled the SpamSieve plug in. Please let me know when this issue is resolved and I will reinstall SS.

Did you only update the SpamSieve app, or did you also change other settings, e.g. Filter spam messages in other mailboxes? If you just kept everything the same, I would not expect to see any difference in Mail, as the SpamSieve plug-in works the same way as before. Mail does not normally wait on SpamSieve for anything, although sometimes Mail can take a while at launch to check a plug-in before loading it.

The If Apple Mail Is Running Slowly explains various reasons that Mail might be running slowly and what you can do about them. It’s a good idea to record a sample report from Mail during the hang so that we can see what’s causing it. Otherwise, we would be just guessing at what to do.

Hi Michael,

I did not change any settings when upgrading so everything should have been the same.

What happened to me is, when I would start Mail, nothing would show up. No Mail windows or anything. Then the SpamSieve icon would bounce in the dock for a bit and stop but still no windows from Mail. I could right click on the Mail icon and pick something, then I would get Mail on the menu line but still no windows. So I would pick Settings so I could try to remove SpamSieve, but it would not display anything. Finally I was left with Force Quit’ting Mail, which most of the time would have little effect. Finally I had to reboot but Mail would cause the reboot to fail, so I would be persistent and finally Force Quit would take Mail down (Mail has always been difficult to Force Quit (ever since I can remember)).

After three or four reboots with the same thing happening, like I said, my only alternative was to move SpamSieve to the Trash and Mail was back to normal, of course without spam filtering.

I am really busy right now. As soon as things calm down, I will retry things and generate a sample report.


This really sounds like the Slow Launching issue described on this page. It’s caused by a Mail bug, and the workaround is to uninstall and reinstall the SpamSieve plug-in. So you’re already halfway there. If the problem recurs after reinstalling, that would indicate a different issue and so a Mail sample would be helpful.

I’m having a very similar issue - very slow launching at times when I initially open Mail, but now Mail will just hang and never load in the body of certain messages, for example, when I’m replying to an email. It will just show the headers and never load in the body of the message I’m trying to reply to, and Mail is essentially hung at that point - I have to force quit the Mail app to get any of the buttons to respond or to be able to type in any fields.

I was experiencing occasional but infrequent slow loading of pages like this before the version 3 update, but it’s gotten to be pretty unusable in the past few days since I installed version 3. I’ll send you a sample report while a Mail reply is stuck with the blank message body.

OK, thank you. Those sound like two different issues—launching the Mail app and display of e-mails—so please record two different samples.

The second one sounds unlikely to be related to SpamSieve, specially since you also saw it with version 2, which (unlike version 3) did not communicate with Mail after launch.

Thanks for your reply. I will try to get a sample to you as soon as I can. Of course, when I went back to load the email that I have been having an issue with this evening, it loaded the body of the email in after waiting about a minute (whereas earlier today I let it sit for 10+ minutes on this same message just to see if it would ever load and it never did load) so I’m afraid it may be a tricky thing to reproduce.

I’m not 100% certain that this exact same issue was happening with version 2. It would occasionally load a message slowly, but it never reported that the app was not responding (as it has been this weekend) in Activity Monitor when it happened. This new situation is more frustrating because Mail seems to be crashing or is at least very stuck for a significant amount of time when trying to reply to a message.

I will try to gather supporting data for you to look at when I have time over the next few days. Thanks for your help!

In that case, please also have a look at the Slow Processing Messages section.

I also having a lot of issues. Its very time consuming and frustrating

There trying to help granted which is good.

But I fix 1 issue and then get another issue, maybe it wasn’t quite ready for release just yet

Maybe a Free BETA version should of been run 1st or something .

So far, the only issue that you mentioned that seems to be related to SpamSieve 3 (rather than a Mail issue) is this one. Please go there and try the fix that I suggested.

There was a month of testing as a free public beta, with over a thousand testers, and no one reported any of the issues that you have. It seems like there may be something wrong with Mail’s files on your Mac.

In contrast, @jennifer seems to be running into two known issues that were already in the FAQ, neither of which is a bug in SpamSieve.